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Happy Halloween! 10/31/2013

 Happy Halloween!

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Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream Introduced 8/28/2013

Mikawaya USA Introduces a new line of Exottics Ice Cream 

LOS ANGELES (August 28, 2013) - Mikawaya, the creator of Mochi Ice Cream, is proud to announce the launch of Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream, a new line of premium, gourmet ice cream.
Expanding on the success and popularity of Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream, Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream brings in a new line of frozen products inspired by authentic Asian cuisine and fruits. Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream is offered in pints, ice cream bars, (soon to be) ice cream sandwiches and 3.6 oz cups. And for the food service trade, Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream can be purchased in 5-quart pails and 3-gallon tubs. The line boasts up to 14 delicious and Asian-influenced flavors, including Black Sesame, Green Tea Matcha, Lychee, Taro, and Yuzu Sorbet. The new line of Mikawaya ice cream will be available in local Asian markets and restaurants.
Buzz for Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream Line originally began in August 2011 when Mikawaya invited fans of Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream to submit designs for Exottics Pints. As the Mikawaya USA President, Joel Friedman, explained, "We want to offer our loyal consumers the traditional taste of home in our selected flavor line-up of authentic Asian-influenced flavors."

Mikawaya Exottics Ice Cream store petition to encourage grocery-store distribution and online purchase are available at www.exottics.com. Bulk orders are available for restaurants, mass merchants and convenience stores by contact us through our website. 

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