Who We Are

Mikawaya (pronounced "me-kah-wah-ya") has been specializing in fine Japanese pastries, since 1910. The family-run business is named after Founder Ryuzaburo Hashimoto’s hometown in the Mikawa province of Japan. Frances Hashimoto, the youngest grand niece of Ryuzaburo, holds the key to one of Mikawaya's best-kept secrets: the recipe for the perfect Mochi dough, which has been in the family for more than three generations. Today, Mikawaya prides itself in offering this traditional, handmade treat in freezer sections throughout the U.S.

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Employees Food Safety/Certifications (AFDO, NSF, TDIC)
3rd party HACCP & GMP Inspection Awards
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FDA Bioterrorism Registration
State of California Processed Food Registration
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